About Us

When five master-students participated in a course which challenged them to set up a business, ‘Fluke’ was still far away. However, after getting in contact with Thomas Vles, director of the Dutch startup association, things moved fast. As one of our main original aims was to give our users the chance to discover new places and enjoy new experiences, we decided on ‘Fluke’ or ‘Fluke it’ – which is defined as ‘an unexpected stroke of good luck,’ as our company-name: try out new things, you might really like it!

Finally created in Amsterdam, Fluke is a company dedicated to creating a win-win situation for companies and their users/customers. This is realized by providing company-owners with a chance to offer real-time, and self-selected deals, in any moment of time. Having this opportunity gives owners a unique possibility to deal with empty tables, places, or timeslots on a calm night, or last-minute cancellations. In return, users and customers get the chance to discover new places, get an extra drink, bring along a third person, or whatever the offer may be!

Meet The Team



Creative studentpreneur with a passion for young start-ups, scale-ups and innovation

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Young entrepreneur involved in different start-ups. Always positive and looking for creativity

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Passionate about the hospitality and experience industry.

"We have to help each other survive in times like these" 

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Has expertise in research methods and a background in international studies, allowing him to bring a fresh perspective to the table

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Serial entrepreneur, investor and managing director of the Dutch Startup Association

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Ambitious entrepreneur with experience in the UK music industry trying to make his mark on Amsterdam

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