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Covid - Edition

By now you’ve probably already heard the news… three more weeks of lockdown. While this isn’t necessarily unexpected, its still sad to hear. That doesn’t just mean we’ll all need to stay inside for three more weeks, but it also means we’ll have to delay the Fluke launch once again. While we are still working hard on sourcing the best deals for when the lockdown ends so you can have your choice of places once its finally over, we understand that you must be bored at home. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new service: The Fluke it – Covid Edition. 

With this new service, we are going to deal with your boredom – Covid be damned! We will scour the new regulations, research the best activities still available, free or paid, and make sure that they are covid-proof and currently running. Subscribers to our new service will pay 2.99 euros (lets face it, most of us spend 2.99 on things we don’t need almost every day… Why not spend it on something that’ll fight the lockdown lethargy?) and receive the 10 best covid-proof activities we could find – every week. 

If you are content with the lockdown-life, and you don’t feel bored at all – this service is not for you. But if you wish you had cool ideas for activities to do alone, with your partner, or with your friends, we will take care of that issue for the price of one single beer that you can’t buy anymore anyways, since bars are closed! 

If you are interested in this service, please sign up for the covid-edition and your boredom will be taken care of. Worry not – we are still working hard on our original business model, but we just couldn’t let all of you be bored for any longer, so we have developed this covid-proof alternative. Should there end up being a much larger demand for this service, we may even decide to switch up our business model altogether. No need to worry though – we will only do whatever you, the customers, want to see from us.

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Premium - Edition

Once the covid-19 situation will settle down, and we no longer have to deal with a lockdown, team Fluke will work night and day to make sure that you have a broad selection of experiences to chose from. By joining this waitlist, you will make sure that you are the first to know all about our new partners and the deals they offer!